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Hi!  I’m Whitney, author and owner of it’s gravy, baby! and I am so glad you have dropped by.  I have kept an online journal since I was a tween, but after having my first child, I upgraded to full on blogging.  For the most part, I blog about my journey in the wonderful world of motherhood.  I strive every day to become a better mother and wife to my husband, Justin.


Speaking of my husband, we started dating in 2004- a few weeks before I turned 15.  Only two weeks into it, I decided I just had to have my former boyfriend back.  It didn’t take me long to realize that was a mistake.  Never mind that my parents were pretty much arranging my marriage with Justin- they loved him before I did.  So, we have been together since I was 15- high school sweethearts and all that jazz.  He is the love of my life and I am so blessed to have found the person I am going to spend forever with at such a young age. Justin is the most laid-back, easy going, hard working, amazing person I have ever known.  He seriously has the kindest, most sincere heart.

We have a son, Bryson, and a daughter, Bella Grace.

019When it comes to our son, I am almost speechless.  Bryson Allen was born December 10, 2008.  He is the spitting image of his daddy and he inherited his energy too.  I spend most days just trying to keep up with him!  Bryson is my helper during the day; he loves to help with the laundry, dishes, – pretty much everything.  It may take twice as long, but I love it. He is the BEST big brother to his sister.  He loves anything with wheels and being outdoors.  The kid would live outside if we’d let him.  He is stubborn, but we won’t talk about where he got that from.  He blows our minds daily with new words and activities.   He keeps on us on our toes and keeps us laughing with his huge personality.





Bella Grace Leanna was born January 18, 2011.  She is a total mama’s girl and she lights up our lives.  She has a head full of hair and it’s always  the first thing people comment on when they see her.  She has taught this mama to slow down and take every moment in.  At this time, her favorite thing is nursing and she does it all day- every day.   She loves to be held and talked to.  She just smiles so big when I talk to her and she is starting to coo more often.  I’m afraid she is going to be a bit impatient- something her quick arrival into this world should have taught me.  She wants what she wants and if it isn’t available immediately- she’s going to let you know about it.  I love dressing her up in pink and dresses.  I’m enjoying all things girlie after having a little boy for two years.


We live in small town Alabama and growing up, all I wanted to do was leave this place.  Now that I am grown with a family of my own, I wouldn’t want to live any place else. 




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