Bryson Family Happenings


It seems every year, I long for summer and then when it finally gets here- I complain about how HOTTT!! it is.  The past few days have been definite scorchers with the heat index around 100.

Hubby is working seven days a week, so it is mostly just Bryson and I.  Justin usually takes off early enough on Saturday or Sunday (both if I’m lucky!) to spend time with us.


Bryson enjoys anything as long as we are outside.  I swear, this child doesn’t feel heat.  I can feel like I am dying and he is just having a grand time.  Thankfully, we spend time at the river, so we can always go for a swim to cool down.  As you can see above, he took right to the jet ski and even wanted to drive.


This is probably Bryson’s favorite toy.  Some sweet friends gave this to him for his birthday in December and he plays with is nonstop.  He especially likes to fill it up with rock, flowers that he picks, and random things he finds in his Pawpaw’s garage.  He is partial to red flowers.  He will walk by every color of the rainbow and go right for the red ones.


He LOVES to swim- doesn’t matter if it is in the bathtub, the river, or a little pool like this.  Sometimes, the puppy from across the road joins him…


How is your summer going?

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