A Piece of my Heart in the Dominican Republic

There is a little boy.  He is oceans away and I have never met him.  His shares the same name as my dad, Roger.  He was born on December 10, 2000, eight years to the day before my son was born.  He lives in the Dominican Republic and is in the third grade.  He enjoys playing the piano and the drums.  He likes baseball and basketball.

Roger and I have never met and I so look forward to the day that we do.  I consider Roger my child.  I pray for him daily, we write one another.  He sends me pictures he has drawn and colored and tells me about school.

We sponsor Roger through Compassion International.  For the price of one dinner out, we provide him with a better life.  He thanks us, but truly- we thank him.  He has opened our hearts and our minds.  He has shown us what is possible with a few dollars and a giving spirit.

The average family in the Dominican Republic lives off of about $117 a month.  Can you imagine what $38 a month does for this beautiful little boy?  Just to name a few, it provides him with Bible teaching, medical checkups, food, and educational materials- all things that we take for granted.

Can you do more than imagine it?  Can you make it happen?

Open your heart and sponsor a child today.

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