menu plan

Menu Planning

One of my goals for our new home was to be all around more organized- from the laundry, the paper, even the cooking.  One thing I wanted to try was menu planning.

I sat down last week and made a list of all the meals we eat regularly and enjoy.  I came up with almost 40 of them and I am sure I missed a few. I also went through some recipes and picked out a few I wanted to try.

I sat down Sunday and chose seven meals from my list. After heading to the grocery store, I was ready to put my meal plan into action.

Sunday- Hamburger Casserole (made another to freeze)
Monday- Tacos
Tuesday- Shrimp Salad
Thursday- Baked Corn Flake Chicken
Friday- Sauer Kraut and Weenies
Saturday- Pork Steaks

Today (Tuesday), my parents are coming over so I am also warming up our leftover hamburger casserole and tacos.  I had planned on Wednesday being “leftover” night, but we will have BLTs instead.

I will share recipes soon.


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