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Brugo Mug Review

When I was contacted about the Brugo Mug, I was at first skeptical.  I don’t drink near the amount of coffee as when I worked, but I still have a few cups a day.  I can remember fixing my coffee and heading to work, only to spill it all over myself.  I have definitely had my share of coffee mishaps.  Mugs that make coffee taste like metal?  Yep, been there.  Mugs that kept my coffee scalding?  Yep, done that.  Mugs that allowed my coffee to cool too quickly?  I have drank  my share of cold coffee

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No more!  The Brugo Mug has taken care of all of my coffee loving problems.  The Brugo Mug lives up to its claims.  It keeps my coffee the right temperature, doesn’t leak, and it looks stylish.  I have never had a cute coffee mug, but now I do!  I will never, ever go back to a regular coffee mug.  If you are a coffee drinker, the Brugo Mug is a must have.  You will wonder how you went without it, no kidding!  So, how does it work?

  • Patented 2 oz/25 ml Temperature Control Chamber giving you sip by sip satisfaction at the perfect temperature
  • Double-wall insulation
  • 3-position drink mode selector -  "Lock, Sip, Tip & Cool" – allowing you perfect taste and temperature control whether you need a bolt of caffeine or prefer to linger over your coffee ritual
  • 16oz / 450ml capacity cup size – a large cup
  • Non-slip bottom keeping your coffee where you put it
  • Ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
  • 13 stylish colors
  • Stainless Steel and Chrome accents
  • Fits all cup holders

There are three collections available.  The Executive Collections offers neutral colors that would work for anyone.  The Jazz Collection (my favorite!) offers brighter colors like Flamingo (pink) and Spring (green).  The Sport Collection has a no-slip bottom and comes in a range of colors from black to yellow.


Buy it!  You can order online at  The Executive and Jazz Collections retail for $19.95 each while the Sport Collection retails for $14.95  Use promo code holidays and receive free standard shipping on all orders over $50.


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