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Young Minds- Numbers & Counting Review


Let me be completely honest- I dislike math.  I really, truly dislike it- more than any other subject.  Compared to math, I adore literature, science, and history.  I never want my son to feel the same.  I hope he will enjoy math as much as other subjects.  For this reason, when we were asked to review the Numbers and Counting DVD by Young Minds, I gladly accepted.

While he isn’t old enough to grasp the concept, we have viewed the DVD.  I am very excited to say that I can see us using this DVD in the coming years.  The entire program is set to music like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart which holds Bryson’s attention like you wouldn’t believe.  The thing I really love about Numbers & Counting is that it also helps teach colors, sounds of everyday items like trains, and animals.  I am truly amazed at all this little DVD has packed into it and how well it flows.  The little boy’s voice is also the cutest thing ever- I love the way he says “helicopter!”

I cannot say enough good things about the Numbers and Counting DVD.  I think it will a huge asset to our learning routine.  As a bonus, there are puzzles, connect the dots, and guess the animal games.

Below is a video and some information for the MathTutorDVD website.

Each number is presented with photographs, video, and animation. Numbers are animated to fly-in from off screen and show the child how to count by counting objects that they are naturally interested in. Animals such as frogs, horses, jellyfish, sharks, whales, and more are shown to the viewer along with the animal sounds. Colors are also taught by pointing out the color of objects on screen.

The central idea of this video is to teach children numbers and counting while at the same time teaching them the names of animals, machines, and other objects along with their associated sounds and colors. This integrated learning approach keeps children interested and promotes continued learning.


Buy it!  You can pick the Numbers and Counting DVD up online at MathTutorDVD.com for $19.99.  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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