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More Flip for Fall Tips + Giveaway

I thought I would share a few more of my own tips for getting your home ready for fall. If you’d like to see what other moms are doing, visit the Flip for Fall circle. I mentioned a view of these in the video, but I am going to go back over them.

  • Check your smoke detectors. Make sure the batteries are still in working condition.
  • Take a look at your surge protectors. If they seem old, outdated, go ahead and replace them.
  • If you home is more than one story, think about investing in a fire escape ladder.
  • Go over a fire evacuation plan. Who will check on the kids? Where should the kids go? Set a meeting place outside your home. Teach your kids the techniques for getting out of a fire as safely as possible. Stop-drop-and-roll: it doesn’t go out of style.
  • Go through your summer clothes. Any that you didn’t wear, donate them to a shelter, Goodwill, or the place of your choosing.
  • Do the same with your winter clothes. Have some you know you will not wear? Get rid of ’em!
  • Take stock of your pantry. Grilling season is almost over. We love homemade soups and chili during the winter.

Remember, you can leave your tips on ANY of my Flip for Fall posts including this one and this one and be entered into the giveaway. You can win (2) pillows, (2) pillow covers, and (1) mattress protector. These are all wonderful products made by Aller-Ease and are designed to help asthma and allergy sufferers.


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