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As most of you know, I like to do a weekly life update on the happenings around here. I do most of these in bullet form, because it’s easier for me.

  • We close on our house Wednesday. It isn’t set in stone just yet, but we are penciled in for Wednesday at 4P.M. Justin & I went to the house Sunday to have another peek and brainstorm ideas. We have a $10,000 budget for our remodel, but we plan on doing a lot ourselves. The excitement is starting to really set in and I stay awake at night thinking of paint colors and furniture.
  • Bryson is getting so tall. Right now, he is the average height and weight of a one year old. Actually, he was at his six month check-up, so he’s probably surpassed a one year old. We joke that we have the next big football player as a son. He has more energy than any child I have ever known. He refuses sit still for a minute and he fights sleep like crazy. We also joke that we are going to have to put him in a padded room. He bumps his head on everything. He’ll stand up in his crib and jump up and down. I’m going to need a lot of prayers to keep up with this little boy. I can’t imagine when he starts walking!
  • Bargain Hunting Thursday is still a hit. I’m actually working on a post from last week’s trip. I’m still selling on e-bay and it is going decent. I definitely can’t complain! I plan to pick up a few finds to make-over for our new home. I have my eye on a dresser for $25 and if it is still there this week, it’s going home with me.
  • Justin is working a ton. He works at his “normal” job during the day, then he’s doing drywall in the evenings and on weekends. He’s had a few days off and we were able to have family time this weekend, so all is well. These side jobs have come at the perfect time and we feel immensely blessed.

Next week, I will hopefully be able to share “before” photos of the house. Then, after a few months and a ton of work, I’ll will post the after. Thank you guys for taking this ride with me and I truly appreciate each subscriber, follower, and comment. I look forward to updating every day and seeing new folks around.

Oh and, does this not qualify for the funniest picture ever? I can’t look at it without laughing. I have no idea what the boy was doing.

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