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Hard at Work

We picked up the key to the house Friday afternoon and started work this weekend. I’m going to tell you one thing: I could never live a summer in Alabama without the good ‘ole air conditioning. I had the power turned on today, but we about died this weekend.

We (mostly the amazing hubby!) tore off wallpaper, pulled up flooring, and ripped out paneling. I started taking the cabinet doors and hardware off. I was surprised as how easily the wallpaper came off, but the floors are another story. So far, each room has contained five layers like this: carpet, padding, older carpet, foam backing, and finally linoleum. How crazy is that? Justin has taken up all the flooring in two rooms, but in the other rooms, the linoleum is going to stay and we are going to just put the hardwood over it. That equals a lot less work, because that linoleum was totally glued, hard as heck to remove. The paneling in the bedrooms is what I call “fake paneling” because it was simply nailed over the sheet-rock.

Here are a few “before” and “in the process” pictures. I will share our plans as we go. We are doing most of the work ourselves and I can’t wait to get those cabinets redone. As I have mentioned, we are putting new hardwood and tile throughout, so ignore the floors.This is obviously the kitchen & dining room. You can also see the door to the laundry room and the back door that leads to the deck. There are now no walls in this room. Hubby will start the sheet-rock soon. It came with all appliances which was great. They aren’t exactly new, but they all work and will do for now.
Our bedroom. Bottom paneling is “fake” and has also vanished.
When you walk in the front door. I had already taken the wallpaper down.


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