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GreenSmart Review

A few weeks ago, I came across I was immediately intrigued by their “Bottles Become Bags” program. I knew this was a company I wanted to team up with and help get the word out. After contacting Debbie who by the way, is super sweet, I was given the chance to try one of their products. To understand the passion behind GreenSmart, you have to learn a little about their philosophy.

Our intentions are simple, transparent and ongoing

  • To make great bags using green materials.
  • To use smarter manufacturing practices whenever possible.
  • To provide smarter ideas for our own lives, as well as our customers.
  • To help educate and influence others through our products and practices.
  • To be passionate about everything we do.

They share some very interesting and stunning facts on their website. Did you know that in the US alone, 230 bottles per person go into the landfill each year? When all is said and done, that is enough crushed bottles to fill the Rose Bowl Stadium in California every TWO WEEKS! Now just sit back and imagine that for a minute. Wow! All fabrics used for the GreenSmart Bottles 2 Bags come from 100% post-consumer recycled PET water and soda bottles. They make laptop sleeves, laptop jackets, briefs, and messenger bags from those bottles.

Another added plus to GreenSmart is their stance against neoprene. Instead of neoprene, they use neogreene. Neogreene is considered non-toxic because it contains no phthalates, VOCs, chlorine, or metals that are traditionally comprised in neoprene. Neogreene consumes 25% less energy to manufacture and 25% less petroleum to produce. The material is also 50% lighter than neoprene, which cuts down on transportation costs.

I was given the chance to try the stainless steel water bottle and the short neogreene tote you see pictured above. I have needed something for a while and this was perfect. I always take something to drink when leaving the house. Carrying an eight month old on your hip and glass with no lid just doesn’t work. Ask me how I know. I was spilling my drink as we were walking out the door and a chubby little hand never failed to make a splash in my drink. This bottle & tote work great. The bottle does sweat a bit, but that isn’t a problem as the tote catches the condensation. This is something I never leave the house without now. It keeps my drink chilled for at least two hours and that is without ice. If you put ice in it, I think it would keep cool for well over two hours. Another plus is that it’s simple enough that Bryson can drink out of it. He tries to take it away from me and he loves getting some of mama’s drink.

Buy it! You can purchase the water bottles totes at GreenSmartDirect. They start at $12.95 for the short one. The stainless steel water bottle is sold at GreenFeet for $11.50.

I received a product to assist with this review, but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions remain my own, as always.


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