>We’re Busted.


But, I don’t wanna show my teeth!

Okay, so Justin and I have gone out to eat this month. Honestly, instead of feeling defeated, I feel empowered by how well we have done. My mom treated me to lunch last week and my dad took me out for Japanese yesterday. So technically, I have spent $0.84 on two cookies as far as out to eat food.

  • Sandwich from the deli inside Unclaimed Baggage
  • Japanese with my parents
  • Cookie from Wingstop

I can’t speak for Justin, but I think he is doing a great job also. He has gone from eating out almost every day to about once a week. Our pockets can definitely see the difference. I think this experience has definitely opened Justin’s eyes, because he has mentioned a few times how much money we have saved.

As a side note, my son is amazed with Whoopi. “We” are watching “The View.” He’s actually running around in his walker, but he is completely into “The View” right now.

Bryson is pulling at her (no clue what I typed her) his ear which means nap time! I wonder is this moma can sneak a nap in too?

One more thing, I’m thinking about doing a Q&A. Would anyone be interested in that?

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