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I think it has been about a week since I have updated about life in general and I like to make sure I do that once a week, so here goes.

  • We are still absolutely no where on the house. We signed more addendums about two weeks ago. They had made an error and only listed Justin’s name, so we had to fix that. We are now waiting on them to sign the offer and get it back to us. Although they have accepted, they still sign a “counter-offer.” This delay has been a blessing for us financially, so I am not complaining.
  • Justin is working two jobs. He’s working at his day job, then he picked up a drywall job that has now turned into four other jobs. If you know anything about drywall, you know it pays well. The only reason Justin doesn’t do it full time is because we tried that and we were always on pins and needles, because times are often slow. This has also been a huge blessing.
  • Bryson is rowdy! I do not have a clue how I’m going to keep up with this boy. He started crawling a few weeks ago and now he’s pulling up on everything. If you hold him to let him walk, he pushes you away because he thinks he can do it by his big boy self. Talk about Mr. Independent.
  • He loves squash mixed with oatmeal and those Baby Mum Mum crackers.
  • As I mentioned in my last post, we go bargain shopping once a week. These trips have allowed me to start an ebay business that has so far been successful. If things keep going like this, I will not be forced to get a part-time job.
  • I received the “Total Money Makeover” book in the mail Thursday. I found it ironic that our freezer decided to kick the bucket the same day.

I think this sums it up for now. There is more going on, but I’ll post about it later.

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