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Top Ten Tuesday – Highlights from our Trip

  1. Putting our toes in the sand. Bryson’s first time to put his toes in the sand and he loved it. If I would have let him, he’d gotten in it and rolled, but I knew he’d probably eat a ton too.
  2. Taking Bryson down to the water. He got fussy while we were eating dinner, so I took him outside and let him get his feet wet. As soon as we hit the night air, he instantly calmed.
  3. The food. We ate at two really nice restaurants and both were equally delicious.. and expensive.
  4. Spending time with our family. We see them once every three months, sometimes less, so it’s always great to see everyone. The kids all seem like they’ve grown up so much in the past year!
  5. Meeting our new family. My new sister & brother-in-law are amazing. They have the most well behaved kids I have ever met & I so wish they lived closer. We instantly hit it off with them.
  6. Babysitting. Justin & I kept those well behaved kids and I totally have baby fever now. I kept their baby along with Bryson, while Justin took the older three to the pool. Their baby girl is absolutely adorable.
  7. The wedding, of course. Deena deserves to be happy. After raising 5 kids, I’m glad she has found someone to share the rest of her life with.
  8. Sitting around the table at dinner with the family. We knew no one and everyone came from a different place, from Washington D.C. to Colorado, so it was interesting to hear the stories.
  9. Enjoying Bryson. I am still blown away at my child. He was amazing! We really expected a rather frustrating trip, because Bryson hates to sit still. He acted wonderfully and was the happiest baby ever. I am so proud of him!
  10. Shopping. We went to Ross and loaded up on onsies for Bryson and I bought three gorgeous dresses. Alix, our 7 year old niece, helped me pick the dresses out. She makes me want a little girl. We found her a cute dress to wear to the wedding; she’s the cutest thing ever. I also got a steal on Robeez at $8.99 a pair!
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