Family Happenings From House to Home

The (OUR) House

They accepted our offer!
We have a new house.
As you guys know it is a foreclosure, but it is in decent shape. As soon as we close, we will start renovating it. We are going to tear the walls down, put up sheetrock, tear the flooring up, put hardwood and tile down throughout. We also have to add on a front porch, because it has a really small one that I just know Bryson would walk right off of. All appliances are included. Of course, it is sold as is, so we can’t be sure they all work, but I believe they will, because they look pretty new. We figure it will be about 3 months before we actually move in, but we are so excited to get to work on it.
It has been chaos the entire week, but I have to say it was well worth it.
As much as I love my parents, I am ready to once again be a one family household.
Thank you, Jesus!

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