Bryson Family Happenings

New Teeth, Puppet Love, No Meals Out

After about three months of teething, Bryson finally has something to show for it. As much as I wish I could show you photos, he won’t allow it. He keeps rubbing his two! bottom teeth with his tongue and his fingers. If I hadn’t gone to let him chew on my finger yesterday, I would probably still be in the dark. They still like a bit being completely through, but they are almost there.

I also meant to mention that Bryson attended his first puppet show. It was a Christian glow-in-the-dark show and apparently, my son loves puppet shows. It was held at the river, so it was only a short walk. My dad practically sprinted while pushing Bryson in his stroller to make sure he didn’t miss any of the show! He had talked about taking Bryson all day, then about an hour before the show, Bryson went down for a nap. Oh no, my dad thought he was going to sleep through it. As it was starting, Bryson woke up. I had time to put a tee shirt on him and they were gone! We got the biggest kick out of watching my dad with Bryson. I think my dad enjoyed taking Bryson as much as Bryson enjoyed the show. He was waving his arms while the music was playing, but as soon as it would stop, he’d get grumpy. The music would start again and he’d be happy, then it’d stop and he’d whine a bit. He has turned into such a happy baby!

Justin and I will be starting our no meals out challenge. He actually agreed to join me this time! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, his hours are 5am to 1pm, so he will eat lunch at home. On Monday and Thursday, I will pack him a simple lunch.

I’ll share some new photos tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!

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