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Sassy Baby’s First Rattle & Teether Set

This edition of Things I Love Thursday will be more of a Things Bryson Loves Thursday. If Bryson loves it, you can bet I love it too!

Bryson started teething in his third month. While he still doesn’t have teeth, you can bet he likes to gnaw… constantly. When I started my search for teething toys, I ran into a few problems. Most of the toys didn’t actually fit into his mouth, so he couldn’t actually gum them and that only made him mad. Another problem was that he couldn’t hold most toys. His little chubby hands just couldn’t get the right grip or wouldn’t wrap around the toy. This also made him furious.

For Bryson’s Easter basket, I decided to go with a teething theme. I ordered the Sassy Baby’s First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set with very high expectations after reading great reviews all around. I was not disappointed! We never leave home without at least one of the toys. I keep one in my purse and one in the diaper bag at all times. If you were to see us out, Bryson would be holding one of the toys. He can hold each toy and they fit his chubby hands perfectly. When he gets tired of playing with the circle rattle, he slips it on his arm and wears it like a bracelet. His favorite one to chew on is the goldfish. The fins are great for teething. I have no idea what Bryson tells the fish, but he talks to him a lot. I have only found one downside to these toys and it’s actually Bryson’s doing, not the toys. He absolutely adores the phone. He wraps his fingers around it so tightly that I have to pry it out of his hands. For some unknown reason, my son thinks this phone is made to beat himself in the head with. The hits to the head seem to bother me more than him and a crying fit usually follows when I take it away.. Like I said, not really the toy’s fault.

I definitely give this set 5 stars and I think it would be a great gift for any infant. Thus far, I have not found one toy made by Sassy that Bryson doesn’t absolutely have a fit over. I found three new ones at Big Lot’s last night for $3 a piece, so you can bet I snapped them up!

Here is the description of each individual toy from Amazon.

Goo Goo Goldfish: This orange and yellow polka dotted fish has a clear, plastic tube that connects the head to the tail. Colorful beads rattle inside the tube when shaken and teach baby cause and effect. The fish’s “fin” offers baby something interesting to mouth on when teething.

Hello Baby Phone Rattle: This rattle phone features nubby textures, soft noises, and bright colors to stimulate baby’s senses. Its miniature design is the perfect size for tiny hands to hold onto.

Circle Rattle: This thin ring (perfect for little hands) of bright patterns, soft sounds, and chewy textures provides baby with visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

Smiley Space Face: Meant to capture baby’s imagination, this toy has eyes that move, a nose that beeps, and beads that rattle. A mirror on the back helps develop self-awareness and interaction. (Babies react to faces by the age of 2 to 3 months, so the bright yellow Smiley face plus baby’s own reflection will interest even young ones.)

Teething Wing Butterfly: This happy butterfly has one textured, open wing (making it easy for baby to hold) and one water-filled wing—both perfect for mouthing. Exploration with the mouth helps exercise lips and tongue for sound and speech development. The Wing Butterfly can be placed in the refrigerator if baby prefers a cool teether when cutting new teeth.


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