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Spring Cleaning- The Great Purge

Okay, so this whole Spring Cleaning Party has turned into something a little different at our house. I started in the kitchen on Day 4. The food you see below is all expired. No one in our family would ever eat most of it, which explains why it has expired. One thing I did find amusing was a box that expired in 2001. Our house burned to the ground November 19, 2002 so how did we end up with that? Anyways, I still like quite a bit in the kitchen, but I can’t quit decluttering. As you will see below, I hit my closets next. I chose to declutter over half of my shoes, but some are because my feet were so swollen when I was pregnant that they haven’t gone back to normal. I don’t expect them to ever get back to a size 7, so I have no reason to hold on to those. Others are just not my style, etc. I haven’t worn a ton of those shirts, bras, etc in years so it was time for them to go also. Now, I just have to get these things out of the house. The food is already in the garbage waiting on pickup Monday.

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