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Spring Cleaning: Day 3

After I posted yesterday I went back to work. I cleaned the baseboards in the living room and cleaned the front door. I also cleaned up the kitchen from supper and I was ready to relax. I ended up taking a nice bath and I was sore. Not only have I been cleaning, I have also played the Wii and that will wear you out too.

I ended up taking Day 3 off. There isn’t much else to do in the living room and there were people in the house all day, lounging in the living room, so I would have gotten no where. I did make a point to keep the end tables cleared off and make sure everyone put there things where they were supposed to be, not just anywhere.

I actually planned to tackle a closet, but Bryson was very fussy today. Usually Bryson naps in his crib, because that is where he wants to be. Today, he whined and cried for most of the day, refused to eat, you get the point. Finally, I was as tired as he was, so we took a nap together. Bryson isn’t a cuddly baby, so I absolutely loved getting to nap with him. He usually wants to sprawl out and have his own space, but today he cuddled up with me and I just soaked it up.

I checked on Bryson this morning around 3a.m. and he had rolled over and was sleeping on his tummy. It freaked me out, but I didn’t want to wake him. I really do not like the idea of letting him sleep on his tummy at night, but if he rolls over in the middle of the night, what am I to do? He has been able to raise his head since the day he was born (which also freaked me out), so he has no problem raising up and he does mini push ups now too, so I really think I’m more worried about it than I should be. He looked so peaceful. He started sleeping his side last week, so I guess he’s just trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep in.

Tommorow I think we work on the kitchen. Our kitchen needs work badly. I clean the table off every day, but by the next day it has been piled with stuff again. We also have our medicine cabinet in the kitchen, but instead of leaving the pills in it, everyone put them on the counter. Really now, what’s the point of having a medicine cabinet if you aren’t going to use it? I run the dishwasher every night, unload it every morning, but it seems like dirty dishes just multiply. Anyone else have that problem? Our pantry= complete, total mess. Our cabinets= more of the same. I’m actually looking forward to working on this and hopefully it will make for a much more functional kitchen!


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