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New domain? FAIL.

After two hours of downtime yesterday, I am right back where I started. I attempted to move to my own domain, but obviously, I failed. I’ve read everything I could find, but I’m still missing something. If you’d be interested (read: kind enough) to help me make this move, I would be forever grateful. If not, I will spend a few more hours pulling my hair out.

I would also like to give a big shoutout to my followers. Slowly, but surely, my little blog is growing. I hear slow & steady wins the race. Thank you for your comments. I try to take the time to get to each of your blogs as a thank you for visiting me. Just in case I haven’t made it to your blog yet, here is your thank you.

Thank you!

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  • >Hi Whitney…I actually just did this and going through blogger, it was simple as pie. (Wait, is pie really that simple??) Anywho…it cost $10 for a year. Let me know if you need more info, and I will try to remember how I did it! LOL
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